5 Warming Foods

As the winter approaches we start to feel the cold more and more each day. Wearing cosy layers, gloves, a scarf and hat help, but is there more that we can do to keep our bodies warm? Yes there is.

Here are 5 foods that help to warm the body:

1) Porridge:

Porridge to warm up in the morning

Oatmeal is a whole grain and complex carbohydrate. It provides the body with immediate warmth and allows energy to be released slowly and over time. It is also an excellent source of vitamins B and magnesium. These support the thyroid and adrenal glands to better regulate the body’s temperature in the cold season.

2) Pumpkin Soup:

pumpkin soup full of warmth & nutrients

Pumpkin is an energetically warming food. It has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It supports the health of the joints, organs and soft tissues. Due to its high vitamin A content, it helps support vision and prevents cataracts. Its vitamin C content helps boost the immune system and prevent disease.

3) Ginger:

Ginger warms the body and helps digestion

Eating ginger warms up the body. It also boosts the immune system and the digestive system. Be careful of overeating too much ginger! As it is a powerful agent, it can become an irritant to the digestive system when consumed excessively and in large amounts.

4) Coconut:

Coconut a warm winter superfood

Coconut oil keeps the body warm through its metabolizing function. It is a healthy fat which gets stored in the liver and is immediately used as energy for the brain and muscle function. It also boosts the immune system, eases sugar cravings and remains healthy when heated at high temperature.

5) Cinnamon:

Cinnamon helps control blood sugar levels

Cinnamon is well-known warming food. It helps balance and maintain blood sugar levels. It also assists by increasing blood flow and as a result improves blood oxygen levels to fight illness in case of colds.