How Yoga changed my life

Yoga has been in my life for over 16 years. Little did I know the impact that it would have or how it would shape my life. I can remember first becoming aware of it as a teenager. My dad was really into it at the time. He would practice it everyday. I remember him in his boxers upside down doing a headstand. I started noticing how much he was enjoying it and how his body was changing. Always slim, my dad was now exhibiting a six pack.

Aoife at 16

Me aged 16 years.

I thought wow this stuff seems to actually work. At the time I was going through the normal anxieties that teens face. I constantly had a looking glass staring me in the face. I would question everything and compare myself to everyone else. I paid a lot of attention on fitting in and being liked. Around that time, I started to develop an eating disorder. Anyone who has gone through an eating disorder will know how mental the disease is. Thoughts are heightened to an unbearable screech of what should be eaten, what shouldn’t be eaten, how many calories have been consumed, how many have been burned and on and on and on. I used to have nightmares about butter. Being forcefed butter..! That’s how crazy it got.

Dead end

After a few years of this, it escalated and I broke down. I simply couldn’t continue. I needed help and wanted out. Thank god I was lucky. Never did I get to see the interior of a hospital and never was I institutionalized. Instead a lovely therapist called Barbara, the indomitable patience of my parents, Nina’s magic acupuncture and YOGA came into my life. With many trials and errors I came through.

One of my first yoga books.

Stay Young with Yoga by Vimla Lalvani. One of my first yoga books.

At the time my mind was completely in the throws of hell. The amount and intensity of my thoughts was unbearable. I remember the day I opened one of my parents’ yoga books and began to teach myself the poses as I read through. Bliss. The effect of the asanas and the breathwork was instantaneous. A softening and calming in my mind occurred. That is the power of yoga. It is meditation in movement.

Yoga a way to peace

Thank you YOGA for being a vehicle of healing and growth. I feel honored to be able to bring that gift to others. There really is no underestimating the Power of Yoga.