Mindfulness the Power of Letting Go

One of the core techniques in Mindfulness is to be able to let go of current thoughts and to gently come back to the present whether it is via our breath, body sensations, a chosen word or sentence, the present soundscape etc. The benefit of training this ‘letting go’ muscle is huge. In our day to day life, circumstances which are out of our control will appear. Suddenly we may find out that someone has broken into our new home and our belongings have been stolen. Or perhaps our credit card has been cloned and someone is trying to withdraw money from our account. Our colleagues or loved ones may not behave in the way which we would like them to. Any of these events can create internal commotion leading to strong sensations and emotions such as anger, frustration, anxiety, fear etc to surface.

When we work our ‘letting go of the monkey mind’ muscle, we are cultivating a very important area: the area of resilience. When a challenge occurs, the ability to observe, to let go, to find internal awareness and thus rise above the chaos is essential to our mental & emotional wellbeing. Our modern day lives are often filled with tasks and to do lists, with the natural ups and downs of life, with financial pressures, with the intricacies of work and intimate relationships, not to mention with the global problems that our world currently faces. Having a muscle that can steady and root you into the present is like having a permanent lifeboat at your disposal to bring you back to shore.

No one said that mindfulness is easy. But the acorn did not grow into a pine tree overnight. A body does not become fit without exercise and a healthy diet. Because our modern society is 360 degrees away from living a mindful day to day life, it is our responsibility to cultivate this gift. To be mindful is to be aware of life. To be mindful is to cherish this moment over the future and the past. It is a talisman that can become a part of your daily life.