How Yoga changed my life

Yoga has been in my life for over 16 years. Little did I know the impact that it would have or how it would shape my life. I can remember first becoming aware of it as a teenager. My dad was really into it at the time. He would practice it everyday. I remember him in his boxers upside down doing a headstand. I started noticing how much he was enjoying it and how his body was changing. Always slim,

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Breathing for your health

Next time you are somewhere public, look at the people around you. Observe how they breathe. The likelihood is that they are taking light shallow breaths. A big consequence of our modern day living is that we have forgotten how to breathe. This results from indoor living, cramped working conditions, less time spent in nature, less time exercising and a lot of time thinking. Over thinking often makes us live in a constant state of anxiety and unrest. This fear

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Taking responsibility for our life

Life is a mixed bag. When everything seems to be going smooth, no sooner can a big challenge hit you. I have come to a point where I cannot blame anyone else for my experience of life. It is up to me how I experience the daily challenges and joys.

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