Mindfulness Meditation for Anxiety

Sit comfortably with a raised and supported back. You can sit either on a chair with your feet firmly touching the floor or cross legged on a pillow or yoga block. Switch your phone on airplane mode and set an alarm of about 10-20 minutes. 1. Take a deep breath in and let your head drop to your chest. Slowly circle your neck and head in one direction. Invite any tension to release as you do this. Repeat this. Then

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How Yoga changed my life

Yoga has been in my life for over 16 years. Little did I know the impact that it would have or how it would shape my life. I can remember first becoming aware of it as a teenager. My dad was really into it at the time. He would practice it everyday. I remember him in his boxers upside down doing a headstand. I started noticing how much he was enjoying it and how his body was changing. Always slim,

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Why meditate?

Stress Reduction   Meditation works very simply. It refocuses our attention to the present. Most of the time we are thinking about the future or the past. When we practice meditation, we turn our attention to our breathing or to our present unfolding activity, this brings us into contact with the now. We actually experience the now. This impedes us from worrying about the future nor to reminiscing over the past. Our anxiety levels drop.

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