Yin Yoga poses to rest and rejuvenate

Around this time of year autumn, the leaves turn into beautiful shades of yellow, orange and red. At this time as well, our body begins to feel the first signs of winter approaching. Daylight shortens and the cold intensifies. We begin to snuggle into warm clothes and nourish our bodies with hot drinks and soups. In the same way our yoga practice can adapt and reflect our need to go inwards to rest and rejuvenate body and mind. If we

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Mindfulness Meditation for Anxiety

Sit comfortably with a raised and supported back. You can sit either on a chair with your feet firmly touching the floor or cross legged on a pillow or yoga block. Switch your phone on airplane mode and set an alarm of about 10-20 minutes. 1. Take a deep breath in and let your head drop to your chest. Slowly circle your neck and head in one direction. Invite any tension to release as you do this. Repeat this. Then

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