The Power of Love

At present our world, our planet is at crossroads. There is no denying that our existence is at peril. As human beings, our species will either survive or become extinct. At this time when a man like Donald Trump is running for president, when a nuclear war is a real global threat, when global warming is rampant, when Calais’ camps are overwhelmed with refugees in need, when… the list continues on and on. Yet I say that there is hope.

Planet earth

This hope lies within us. Each one of us is capable of change. Each one of us is gifted with the potential of greatness. Everyday when we wake up, we have the opportunity to live our life anew, to examine our habits, our actions; and to transform them accordingly. Consciousness is at hand. For most of us it happens when we are on the verge of crisis and hell. Thus may it unfold.

Lava landscape

The cataclysm that is currently unravelling is a wake up call. It is a deep cry for us all to lift our heads and begin to walk the road of redemption. We were not made to be cruel and greedy. We were made to love and help one another other. We may think that the world’s salvation lies in the hands of governments and larger authorities or institutions. Not so. It lies within our self-realization. We are the change makers.


My invitation to you is to take stock of your life, of yourself, of your habits, of your thoughts. How is life going to change unless we change? No the answers are not out there. They are within us. Because peace lies within us. And until we live, act and think from this place of consciousness and peace, the outer world will not change. Change comes from within. This place of utter potential and life force lies within each of us. So lets be the change we want to see. Lets take stock of our life. Lets come together from a place of stillness and awareness. Lets act with love and compassion. Lets take action where it calls for. Lets not let this chance pass us by. Now are we here alive.