Our staff teams at Loro Piana were delighted with Aoife’s yoga and mindfulness workshops. She enabled them to find a sense of peace and gave them the right tools to start the day on a positive note. Now they won’t stop asking us for more workshops with her!

Clara Sancho, HR Manager UK, Loro Piana

Aoife is a rare find; wise, authentic and bags of fun. Consider yourself blessed if she your teacher, therapist or friend.

Angus Ford-Robertson, Director, Battersea Yoga

Aoife regularly teaches yoga at the Victoria and Albert Museum. She has a wonderfully calm approach to teaching ensuring that all students feel relaxed and enjoy the sessions. The feedback we have from students is always positive. 

Stacey Gambrell, Programme Manager, Victoria and Albert Museum

I attend Aoife’s yoga classes every week and she is just wonderful. Her voice floats like honey around the room and my body and mind are very grateful to her! She works magic on them! I can highly recommend it.

Helen Humphries

Thank you for your wonderful yoga classes, they have been a lifeline for me over the last few years. Your personality brings calm, gentleness, security and love into the studio as you teach your classes.

Una Keating

Aoife, you are the best yoga teacher ever… Thanks for all your wonderful teaching and coaching. You are seriously good at it. I really enjoyed and learned a lot from your classes.

Kathleen O’Reilly


I am well into my 8 week Mindfulness course with Aoife, and do not want the time to end. I have tried many other variations of mindfulness practices and never connected quite so well as I have with Aoife’s teaching. She directs organic discussions so that we learn as a group and from each other’s experiences, all led by Aoife’s wealth of knowledge as a Mindfulness coach. Aoife hits the right balance between leading conversation and letting it flow naturally. 

She made me feel welcomed and relaxed from the off. Her openness and generosity towards others creates a safe space that slows down my thoughts, allows acceptance of just being and raises my awareness of where I am in the now. I find myself more and more being able to apply to the everyday hubbub of life. She has inspired me greatly and brought calmness to who I am in a way I didn’t quite expect. I will certainly miss coming to her classes at the end of this course! 

Bea Swords

You have been a highlight of my week for over a year now, your gentle voice and calm encouraging manner has guided me onto a path I never imagined taking. You have revealed to me a whole new approach to my life that gives me fresh insights every day and I thank you for it.

Stephen Morris

Having Aoife’s bright and positive energy at our London yoga centre has been a joy. Aoife is a dedicated, compassionate and authentic teacher who lives what she teaches. Aoife teaches with great sensitivity to the needs of her students. She has taught regular Mindfulness classes at our centre for the last year and a half. We – and the students – feel bereft to lose her! Ringing in my head are the words of one student “Please don’t ever let Aoife go anywhere”. 

Ella Milroy, Director, The Shala, London

Thanks ever so much for introducing to the experience of meditation and doing so in such a pleasant and enjoyable manner. You do a great job and I enjoyed it very much.

John Daly

Thank you so much for all your fantastic mindfulness classes which I really found helped me SOO much.

Alison McDermot

Acupuncture & Naturopathy

Aoife is an amazing and calming influence. She has helped me with lots of issues from back ache to fatigue and through 2 pregnancies over the last 2 years. I always look forward to my acupuncture sessions with her, knowing that I will feel rejuvenated and ready to take it all on again after our sessions.

Sharon Cooney

I came to see Aoife when I was just about to start my first IVF cycle, she instantly made me feel at ease and relaxed about the acupuncture process.
I had acupuncture once a week throughout my whole treatment and I would really look forward to relaxing and often falling asleep. Following great advice from Aoife I had two sessions of acupuncture on the day of my embryo transfer and then my last session three days after that. One week later we received the amazing news that our cycle was success and I was pregnant. I wouldn’t hesitate to use Aoife again throughout fertility treatment, and if you are debating if you should have acupuncture alongside IVF I would 100% recommend.

Tara Butler

I had a tough physical period a couple of months ago so I used the services of Aoife. She helped me a lot with the acupuncture & advice which included nutrition, relaxation, meditation & yoga exercises. It is good to have your own acupuncturist similar to your own GP. Aoife is one of the best. I’ll go back to her every time I’ll need to.

Christian Pantea

Aoife was really kind and gentle and clearly genuinely cares about her patients. Since seeing her for insomnia I no longer wake up in the middle of the night and sleep more deeply. I also learnt a lot about lifestyle changes I could implement to help me and am continuing to make some of these changes to help me going forward. Highly recommended!

Amy W

I am a nurse and it feels to me like you offer the same healing and caring to those who come to you, as I do to those who I see. Please keep up your great work.

Anne Kimberley

Thank you for being so kind and for all your help throughout the years.

Karen McCaughley

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