Why meditate?

Stress Reduction  

Meditation works very simply. It refocuses our attention to the present. Most of the time we are thinking about the future or the past. When we practice meditation, we turn our attention to our breathing or to our present unfolding activity, this brings us into contact with the now. We actually experience the now. This impedes us from worrying about the future nor to reminiscing over the past. Our anxiety levels drop.

Woman meditating in the park.

Self-insight, observation & self-mastery

Consistent meditation practice trains you to discipline your mind. You become the observer of the tumultuous thoughts that come and go within. This skill allows you to gain self-insight. As you gain perspective on the inner shifts that occur, you discover a realm of stillness. You observe that the changes in your emotions and thoughts cannot touch your deepest self.

Meditation time

Less emotional reactivity

Personally, I find that when I have meditated, I am less likely to react emotionally to challenging situations. It is as if I have filled my reservoir with calm and strength. Things that would usually irritate me, don’t as much. I am able to meet the day with openness and flexibility.

Buddha in Meditation

Increase in contentment

The practice of meditation brings you in touch with an ever growing realm: The space of being. Here is one simply allowed to be. The mind is not judging or planning, our focus is on experiencing the moment as it is. With this practice comes a sense of relief. A home coming that increases our sense of contentment.

Strong woman

Overall mental & physical well-being

With all of the above points, comes an overall sense of well-being. Just like when one takes a holiday, one feels more mentally and physically rested, the same applies to the practice of meditation. It is like giving yourself a mini break.